I had an auto accident on Febuary.  We were stopped at a red light and a woman ran into us because her brakes had failed.  Well, the first day I felt fine so I didnt go to the emergency room.  My sister, however, was hurt immediately and felt the pain immediately.  The next day, when I woke up I really felt the pain.  This was my first wreck so I didnt know what to expect.  My neck and shoulders hurt because of the whiplash, but my main concern was the pain in the middle of my head behind my eyes.  I thought I had a concussion. It really worried me.  I felt I was going to have to deal with this pain the rest of my life.  Then I remembered Dr. Godfrey from a few years ago who treated me from a cracked vertebrate so I could work again.  I went to him for the first four days and I knew I would be feeling fine soon.  I highly recommed anyone to go to him.  Lots of people think they should use heat when they get hurt when in fact they should use ice.  I always tell them to call Dr.Godfrey's office and just ask if they have any questions.




After a scary auto accident, at the scene, of this accident I was asked if I needed medical attention. I was so confused with the four car accident that I refused to have medical treatment. Later that evening, I started experiencing lower back pain and neck pain. The following day I went to the emergency room where they examined me and after x-rays they prescribed some pain relievers. Well for one I do not take medications of any kind. At this point I knew that a doctor was not what I needed. What I needed was a chiropractor. I was referred to Dr.Godfrey. After several visits with Dr. Godfrey I could see a big difference. My headaches, tension, stress, nightmares, and pain started diminishing. After weeks of therapy and adjustments I felt great. I have gained strength that was lost. I feel that Dr. Godfrey gave me my life back. Dr.Godfrey and his staff are all supportive and wonderful. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I now have my husband coming to visit Dr.Godfrey so he can get his life back too.




I tried chiropractic because the medical doctors didn't help much and the medicine they gave me for pain just made me sick and it didn't help. I wanted relief from my shoulders, neck, and my ankle, and Dr. Godfrey helped me so much more than any medical doctor could have. The MD put a brace on my ankle and I had no movement and Dr. Godfrey suggested I take off the brace so, I could use my foot and now I have range of motion again. The difference between the first day I came in and now is that the pain is less, the movement is more, and I don't feel druged. I would recommend friends to your office becausse chiropractic actually works. Chiropratic helped me because, I can walk better than I could when I first limped in the door and because of the nice kind staff that would pick me up and take me home. Without you I would still be limping. It is important to maintain your spine after we have corrected it to stay healthy.




I am a thirty- two year old mother of two who suffered from back pain after the birth of my son eight years ago. Through the years, the pain became worse. After the birth of my daughter, three years ago, the pain was so severe that I was unable to get out of bed. I was unable to do the everyday thing I used to with my children like play baseball or basketball . I began to imagine what my life would be like when I turned fifty. I thought I would no longer be able to walk. I also suffered from headaches three to four times per week. I would take over the counter pain medication and sometimes took other peoples's prescribed medication. The pain would go away for a few hours then it would return. I thought there was no hope.

A few months ago, my mother suggested that I see a chiropractor. I was skeptical at first, but I figured I did not have anything to lose. I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Godfrey. I was impressed with his staff and how much sincerity they put into their work. I have been under Dr. Godfrey's care for approximately six weeks and I feel great. I did not remember what life without back pain or headaches was like. Dr. Godfrey and his staff make me feel comfortable. They are sincerely concerned about my health. I am grateful for their commitment to my care. I am extremely satisfied.



I came to Dr. Godfreys office in desperate need of back relief. I had acute and chronic pain, and sciatica as well. I was looking at possible back surgery. I had frequent spasms here and there for about a year. I tried physical therapy for about 10 months, but that didnt seem to help, it only put me in more pain. I came to Dr. Godfrey's office, against the advice of my doctor, my physical therapist, and my cousin who has a PHD. in occupational therapy. Thank God I'm not hard headed and didnt listen to them, I took the liberty of finding out myself. Dr. Godfrey relieved much of the pain from my sciatica with just the very first adjustment. I was very surprised, because after getting the adjustments I felt immediate relief in my sciatica and lower back pain. Now I've gone from chronic pain in my sciatic nerve and lower back pain to barely no pain at all. Now I know it is very important to stay healthy and really be able to enjoy life. Life is good again.



                                      Patient Testimonial


  I came to the chiropractor because, my back hurt and I could not sleep at night it hurt so bad.  So my mom made me an appointment and Dr. Godfrey found that I had the early staged of Scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  I started on his plan and after jst aa few visits, my headaches and stomache aches quit and my back started felling so much better.  I am at the end of treatment and I thank God that I can move freely without pain and better yet, I sleep really good now.




As a 30 year veteran police officer I have been injured many times. My back has always been a problem. I have tried numerous chirpractic exercises recommended by chiropractors, but the pain would still come and go. Finally the pain just became permanent. I was going to a local chiropractor who would adjust me, but he never really had a long range plan for rehab.


Dr. Godfrey is not only very professional, but he cares about the long term health of his patients. Since I been coming here I have felt much better, more active, and more confident in his long term treatment plan. My wife now comes to see Dr. Godfrey and I have told many of my friend that they should try chiropractic services. Dr. Godfrey and his staff will take very good care of them.



My husband recommended that I try chiropratic. I was experiencing migraines and lower back pain. I found that chiropratic helped me where doctors and pills wouldn't. I tried chiropractic for all around mental and physical health. Dr. Godfrey has always been a blessing. From day one I felt a care and love from everyone in the office. Dr. Godfrey has always listen to me, even when I was in unreasonable pain.

I have trust in him and his abilities as a doctor that I had never had. He is more than a doctor to me; he is a friend and a comforter. My lower back pain is gone, numbness is gone and the migraines are few and far apart. I thank God every time I come here for the help I receive. I walk, sleep and function again after years of pain.




After, being in a devastating rear end collision, and in the intesive care unit for 2 days, I was recommended to Dr. Godfrey who is a chiroprator. There I was met by the delightful staff, which showed me kindness and a great sense of humor. I have no idea what Dr. Godfrey did to my neck and back but it certainly took away the pain and the tension. I am able to sleep better and have better movement in my neck. I would recommend a friend to Dr. Godfrey. Why chiropratic helped, I don't know! You would have to ask the Dr. and experience it for yourself. I do know that you should maintain your spine or you will be back to square one. Chiropratic care works!


Patient Testimonials


We learned about Dr.Greg Godfrey from different people when we lived in Florida.  Pete was in pain because of his back from the Navy.  When we moved to Texas we looked for soneone close to where we lived.  We asked other people about Dr. Greg, they said he was very good .  The first day was hard for Pete when Dr.Godfrey worked on his back, afterwards things were looking good.  Now he is working on his neck and back.  Pete can moved a little better.  It was hard for me because, while I was starting to feel better everything turned bad.  I've had operations just after he had straighten out my back, because I moved a heavy tv and cabinett.  On July 14,2011 I fell backwards on the ground again,( back trouble).  Things are a little better,  but I have to return to Dr. Godfrey most of the time because of the damages that have incurred over a period of  time.  I will continue going to Dr.Greg Godfrey for maintainence.  Its the best thing I have ever done in my life. I do refer anybody to him.  If it were not for him I would not be walking in the future.


Thank you,

Pete and Nellie Capko


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